“My work is based in classical design: stylish, practical, youthful, and casually elegant with a sense of humor. Inspiration abounds in the great natural beauty and relaxed lifestyles of Martha’s Vineyard, helping create a deeply gratifying place in which to celebrate the joys of life and rejuvenate in its quiet moments.”

Design Philosophy

Great design lives when elegance, simplicity, scale, and whimsy harmonize. The careful and creative balance of these elements gives rise to a home that combines function and quality workmanship with character and style…a home that is timeless and personal…a home that is truly yours.

Along the way, there is the pleasure and satisfaction of connecting and creating a place for joyful gatherings, a place to relax and recharge your life, a tranquil retreat. Sue Ellen Interiors of Martha’s Vineyard approaches each project with an eye toward elegant efficiency and custom quality workmanship by artisans who embody a time-honored attention to detail, creating a solid foundation that allows a home to evolve gracefully and naturally over time.